Charlotte Bronte manuscript to be sold

From Huffington post this morning, a manuscript written by Charlotte when she was 14 is going up for auction in December. I would love to see a copy of it, even if online, before it disappears again. I think things like these should be donate to a library or museum somewhere where people can enjoy it instead hiding it away in an estate…


About Jeanette

Greetings everyone! I am a momma of 2 seriously amazing kids, wife to an awesome man who is my best friend, and fur momma to 2 girl kitties. I have a wide variety of interests as you will see from my blog as it grows. I crochet, I love music, i love walking and hiking, I don't mind housework, i love old black and white movies, I am an aspiring novelist and bibliophile. Books have always been one of my passions since I learned how to read. I enjoy many types of books, especially ones that take shocking turns and leave me with my jaw on the floor at the end :) My mailbox is always open to suggestions and feedback.
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